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I always had visions in my head of the things I would do “someday”. I would travel. I would write a book. I would quit my lousy job. I would find my purpose in life. But one morning I woke up and was stunned to discover I was middle-aged. I realized, to my shock and horror, that someday was now, and I hadn’t done so many of the things I’d pined for.
Most of us have spent the majority of our youth living up to our obligations, taking care of others, giving very little thought to what makes us happy. But if we aren’t happy, how can we bring happiness to anyone else? Now we’re at an age where we’ve raised our kids, slaved away in our careers, paid our dues. This is our time to take care of ourselves – to live a rich life, filled with passion. The time for musing and daydreams is over. This is the time for doing.  
What are the things you said you’d do someday?
Start a new career?
Learn new skills?
Manage your money better?
Travel or live in another country?
Write your life story?
Start your own business?
Try your hand at acting, painting, public speaking?
Find spiritual meaning in your life?
Be happy?
I want all those things! That is why I’m so happy to be part of Women at Woodstock, where we will be gathering at the Emerson Spa and Retreat  for three glorious days, basking in inspiration and new ways of thinking. Imagine beautiful Woodstock in the Fall-  the vibrant color, the leaves turning with change of the season, a perfect time for a new you to emerge…Imagine three days to exhale, replenish your spirit, walk in the woods, get massages and facials, see a play, and attend inspiring workshops and lectures that will teach you what it is to be a fully empowered woman at midlife. Imagine…and then do it.
Amy Ferris and I will be leading the workshop, “Righting Your Life by Writing Your Life.” 
You don’t need to be a writer to participate. Everyone has a life story to share. This is a workshop that will lead us from story to our own inner truth, the pathway to our truest heart’s desires. It will be inspiring, uplifting and (so we’ve been told) life-changing.
Some of the many inspiring women you will meet at WAW are:
Suzanne Levine, first editor at Ms. Magazine, author of How We Love Now, and Fifty is the New Fifty
Barbara Hannah Grufferman, author of The Best of Everything Over Fifty
Amy Ferris, author of Marrying George Clooney- Confessions from a Midlife Crisis, co-editor (with me!) of Dancing at the Shame Prom
Kristine Van Raden and Molly Davis, editors of Letters to our Daughters, founders of the Matters That Matter workshops
Jody Kobak Feagan, world traveler and founder of several international literary festivals including San Miguel Writer’s Conference
Robyn Hatcher, actress, writer, motivational speaker, founder of Speak, Etc
Elizabeth Geitz, Episcopal priest and author of I Am That Child, Changing Hearts and Changing the World
And many, many more!
Remember in “Imagine” when John Lennon sang, “I hope someday you will join us…”
Today is that “someday” you’ve always talked about…NOW begins your life. JOIN US!
Women at Woodstock  October 7-10, Woodstock, New York
Discounts are available if you register early.
If you can’t afford it, please apply for our scholarship program. You deserve to be here! 
If you are a financially blessed person, please consider contributing to the scholarship and help another woman achieve her dreams. 
I hope, truly hope, to share this magical experience with you.

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