Sluts Vs. Hate-Filled Windbag

Written by Hollye Dexter

Sandra Fluke bein’ all slutty.

I’ve been reading all of the banter on social media and TV regarding the latest Rush debacle – his calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” for wanting women’s contraceptive methods covered by insurance. Saying he wants her sex acts taped and posted on the internet so he can watch.
Is anyone actually surprised that Limbaugh is a hate-filled windbag? He always has been, most likely always will be, so why should we even pay attention to him?
In my view, Rush Limbaugh is a sad, sad man filled with anger and resentment. I mean, look at the guy. He’s morbidly obese, and addicted to Oxycontin and Viagra (which his insurance most likely pays for). He’s been married four times- and no kids, by the way, so according to his theory, either all four of his wives were contraceptive-usin’ sluts, OR, they were so repulsed by him they never let him touch them. Or he ran out of Viagra.
My prediction? Rush is doing a slow-motion fall onto his own sword, slip-sliding his way toward a full-tilt meltdown.  One day soon, he’ll be banished to the internet like Glenn Beck, or pitching a reality show like Palin.
But most of us really, really want him to go away now, and the thing is…we could actually make it happen. In the battle of Sluts Vs. Windbag, we have the advantage.
We’re standing in front of the Wicked Witch with a bucket full of water, people.
We hold the power to make Rush what he fears most….
We could stop quoting him, stop showing clips of his radio show all over television, stop talking about him altogether.
Instead, we could raise our own voices, and speak up for what we believe in. If more and more of us do that, we will drown him out.
It just may be Rush is one of the best things that ever happened to us contraception usin’, book-learnin’, voice raisin’ sluts.  Because of him, many of us are speaking up, and our voices are being broadcast around the world.
And he thought he was belittling us.
Oh, snap!

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  1. Georgie

    I had no idea what this man said….why? Because I don't watch him, listen to him, read about him or seek him out!!!!! Therefore, he does not exist to me!! I believe in the power of strong, united women….and I stand up and say……WHO THE HELL IS RUSH LIMBAUGH????

    Thanks Hollye….brilliant blog!!!!!

  2. Debra DeAngelo

    Nice blog, Hollye! Give the windbag a good smack!

  3. Hollye Dexter


    I love it, G.

  4. Hollye Dexter

    : )

    Yeah- I was kind of expecting you to give him a smack-column today, Debra!
    You're not getting soft on us, are you?

  5. Metris

    Hey Hollye, Love you your blog & love you too. Let's give his ex wives a big round of applause for not having his children. As far as I'm concerned he is IRRELEVANT and means as much to me as a I do him.

  6. Hollye Dexter

    You're right Metris- we don't have to make him irrelevant. HE IS IRRELEVANT.

    Loving you too Miss Metris, and so glad we've come back into each others' paths.

  7. MarkWLV

    With you all the way until the third paragraph, then it gets too personal. Whatever vitriol Limbaugh spouts through his microphone, the length of his belt makes it no more or no less relevant. Sure he was addicted to pain pills, but he is currently managing that addiction – which is something we regularly give others credit for. I know and love many people who have been married more than once. And finally, child bearing and child rearing are at the heart of this underlying medical privacy argument. I would not presume to criticize someone for the number of offspring he has produced.

    I guess what I'm saying is attack the idea rather than the person. Is that like, "hate the game, not the player? "

    I believe that Limbaugh is like any other media mouthpiece. He succeeds because people who listen to his show buy the products advertised on it. If you can do something to change that- like 1,000,000 sluts boycotting Bass Pro (or whatever), then at least the amount he gets paid to vomit directly into people's ears may shrink. Limbaugh unfortunately succeeds because he is telling a segment of our society exactly what it wants to hear. However, ideas like his must be shouted over the airwaves because they are rapidly becoming less palatable to the vast majority of thinking Americans. As socially progressive viewpoints continue to grow, It's merely a matter of time before Limbaugh becomes irrelevant.

  8. Hollye Dexter

    I hear you, Mark. It isn't my intent to hurl insults in an empty, mean spirited way, and yes, i am being a bit snarky, but in this case, I think he deserves it.

    I'm not criticizing his decision not to have children- merely pointing out the insanity that he calls women who use contraception "sluts" when it seems pretty obvious his four wives most likely did the same.

    I know people who are managing addictions as well, food, alcohol, sex, drugs…but his are so plentiful I think it points to a deep unhappiness, and a person who has no wisdom or inner peace. So…should america be looking to a person so lost for answers?

  9. Judy N

    This made me think, as always. The problem is that he continues to drag the tone of public discourse down whether those who oppose him listen or not. I liked going to his sponsors and saying this is really offensive and stop supporting him. Even though it produced something less than an apology, it did make him gesture toward an apology. The problem is that he's just the crudest example of a whole wave of misogyny that has been unleashed in the last few weeks.

  10. Debbie

    Hey Hollye, Great blog. I HATE RUSH LIMBAUGH. I really do. I'm going to be terrible here because I think he spouts the most racist, sexist things I've ever heard. I think he is childless because he's impotent. Shooting blanks. INFERTILE. Also …. what is the difference between insurance paying a portion of a woman's birth contol when they cover Viagra??? I think it's because Viagra helps men. As of right now, seven advertisers have pulled their sponsorship and I AM SOOOOOO GLAD!!!! He does way more harm than good and he needs to FIRED and thrown off the air. Let his devoted listeners PAY for him on Sirius. That way the rest of humanity wouldn't have to hear his hateful voice ever again.
    I'm done.


  11. Hollye Dexter

    I know Judy- I agree. But I also think he just makes us stronger.

    I look to Pres Obama for inspiration. When Palin was throwing all her hateful assaults and lies his way, he never took the bait. He reacted to her as though she were irrelevant, and eventually, she was. He let her fall on her own sword, make an ass of herself in interviews.

    That's what I think might work for Rush. What's the worst way to take a narcissist down? Make him irrelevant.

  12. Hollye Dexter

    I'm "trying" not to hate him, because I don't even want to give him that much importance in my world.

    I hope he does get thrown off the air. I did the Snoopy happy dance when Beck's show got cancelled. That was a good day.



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