Opraholics Unite!

Written by Hollye Dexter

April 27, 2011

I can do anything I set my mind to – Oprah said so!

I couldn’t care less about the royal wedding, or the fact that Lindsay Lohan is doing community service for stealing a necklace, or that one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses broke up with him. I mean, literally could not care less!

I don’t understand how such trivial matters occupy so much space in our internal hard drives when we, as Americans, should be focusing on important things, like the fact that….there are only TWENTY ONE Oprah shows left!

I know you expected something much deeper from me, but this IS deep for me. I have been watching Oprah for twenty-five years. I grew up with her. She has shown me how to be courageous, how to speak my truth, how to rise from a shitty childhood and have the life I dream of. She has shown me that all things are possible. She has inspired me every day, and has been the strongest role model in my life. At times when I slink back into old negative patterns of thinking…I don’t belong here, I’m a poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks- I’ll never make it, I think of her, born an unwanted child, a black girl in the deep, segregated South, who came from a family of women who were all maids. Her grandmother’s greatest wish for Oprah was that she’d find her some nice white folks to work for.

She surpassed every expectation for her, from her own family, from her parents who didn’t want her, from society. I mean, really, what network in the 1980’s was ever going to pick up a show with an overweight black woman with bad hair? She has overcome so much, and because of that, I revere that woman. Just ADORE her.

And oh my god I am going to miss her so very, very much.

I am thinking of starting a page called Opraholics Anonymous. Will you join?

I was incredibly fortunate to have spoken with her on her radio show, and my husband, being the wonderful human being he is, recorded the whole thing live from his recording studio.

Here is my brush with greatness- me talkin’ with my hero, Oprah:
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  1. Anonymous

    I have watched her on and off. I run hot and cold with Oprah. Right now I like her. She has amazing staying power and lots of good tools to learn from.

  2. Anonymous

    Hollye, what a great recording. Little Evan was amazing even as a baby. So glad Troy could record that for you. It is a lasting memory.

  3. laurenne

    That sounds like Linda!!! That's crazy.
    Evan is amazing. I already knew that, but this confirms.
    You sound so calm and collected for talking to your hero!!!!!
    I always hated her because I don't think she's very good at interviewing… I don't think she's a very good listener! BUT… you're totally right. She smashed down all those barriers and we're following her path!

  4. Cathy

    There are times I am inspired by Oprah and other times I feel like she, and I, should just slow down and smell the flowers.

  5. Unknown

    Sign me up Holls!! I am right there with you. Last year our DVR box blew up. We lost everything that was saved. I had about 40 Oprah episodes taped, that I never got to watch. I cried about it. Not even kidding. Then I realized I could tape the re-runs. Great interview!!!

  6. GuacamoleGirl

    I remember listening to this beautiful recording of you with Oprah awhile back and being so comforted, I adore that book and have read it several times over now! Jillian would meditate as a toddler, we have no idea when or how she learned to sit quietly and close her eyes with her finger tips lightly touching, when I asked what she was doing she would barely shrug her shoulders and then close her eyes and continue, she didn't have a name for it and never tried to explain it but it was powerful for me to watch. She hasn't done it in quite awhile now, I miss the quiet gentleness of that now that she is a tween, would love for her to have that desire now… love…

  7. Deb and Barbara

    I never watch daytime TV — I don't know why. I don't have anything against it, but maybe I feel like I'll lose my momentum if I stop in the day (weird, huh?). But Oprah has always been mythical for me. Like the little engine who just never stopped believing that anything was possible. Incredibly inspiring.

    How did I love listening to you talk to to her!!! And Evan??? omg, kid is amazing. Such a great story! xo B

  8. Ebenyado

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