Fighting the Courts to Keep our Dog!

Written by Hollye Dexter

Sometimes the law is just wrong.

It was wrong about slavery.
Wrong about prohibiting women from voting
Wrong when interracial marriage was prohibited.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.

And its dead wrong when it seeks to take our dog away because of an outdated  statute, which deems our pets nothing more than property, like a bicycle or a stereo.

On June 7th, the appeals court will decide whether our dog Stitch will be taken from us.

Here is our story on AOL Patch today:
Chatsworth Family Fights Court to Keep Their Dog

Here is a video of Stitch and our son Evan

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  1. Anonymous

    Best of luck!

  2. Anonymous

    Who's the actress? I'm sending this story to a friend at my local news station.

  3. Anonymous

    Thinking about you and your family today – wishing you the best in court!


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