Evolution of a Blog

Written by Hollye Dexter

Thank you for the gift you have given me.

When I started this blog a year and a half ago, I was writing about the trials and tribulations of the writer’s life – the agent rejections, the self-doubts, the pressing urge to write anyway. Never in a million years did I think this blog would become the Dexter SAGA. Never did I imagine I would be on the frontlines of animal activism. But, like my friend Monica Holloway said to me, sometimes life taps you for a cause. You may have never seen it coming but one day there you are, rising up to a fight you didn’t know was in you. Monica is now one of the main spokespersons for Autism awareness. It certainly wasn’t what she had dreamed of as a little girl, but life, as they say, is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.
So here I am.
For anyone who is new to this blog, suffice it to say the past two years have been a whirlwind of drama (and yet blessings sandwiched in there, somehow).
Just a few weeks ago, for instance, I had an amazing miracle of a day: I was Monica’s guest at a private luncheon for Michelle Obama. I was on cloud nine. We laughed and ate and drank wine and were transfixed and inspired by Michelle. Then, as soon as I got home, still walking on air, I got an email from my attorney that our request to keep our dog Stitch during the appeal process had been denied, and now we had to appear in court to beg again. Right after that I got a phone call that the job I had just clinched (which was going to pay for my attorney) had fallen through.  For some reason, that’s how most of my days have been for the past two years. I can’t even bask in a happy moment for a full 24 hours before the next storm hits.
My life hasn’t always been this way. Thank God I’m an obsessive journaler. I can look back at the years 2005-2009 and see what peaceful, happy years they were. But 2010 and 2011…not so much. Luckily (or actually NOT luckily) this has happened to us before. 1995 and 1996 were hellish years. Our house burned down with both our businesses in it, so we were homeless, jobless, hopeless. But we made it through those times, and that is how I know we will make it through these. I learned then that when you are walking through the dark valley of your life, there is no other way but through. You may look for a way to catapult yourself over it, to fly over it, to avoid it by numbing yourself with substances or addictions…but it doesn’t work. You just have to keep trudging through the muck. So that is what we’re doing. And that’s what this blog is for me…a place to trudge through, to sort it all out in my head. If I was walking through life with all this trapped inside me, my brain would be like a hornet’s nest, full of confusing angry thoughts. But instead, you’ve given me a space to put it all out there and connect to others who “get it”.
So for that I want to thank you today. Thanks for sticking with my blog through it’s evolution, and all it’s ups and downs. Thank you for caring, for reading, for commenting to let me know I’m not the only one toughing it out right now. You have been my safety net over troubled waters, and I hope I return the favor.
You’ve given me a true gift. You guys rock.

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  1. Jenni Gaines

    THANK YOU HOLLYE! Having Lupus is a constant painful struggle. For some reason, all of the sudden I too find myself wrapped up in animal rights. Stitch is not my only cause. I never saw it coming but with my eyes failing I needed a service dog. It's a long story but I found some amazing people who give of themselves like Shelter Dogs To Dream Dogs (on Facebook). People who have little or no funding waking up everyday to help people like me. I'm home a lot so I have passion to sit at the computer and spread the word. Puppies are not products. Period. Hang in there. I keep re posting Stitchy's story everywhere.

  2. Jennifer Wolfe

    Thank you for the reminders that we sometimes just need to put our heads down and push through…it's not always the way we want to go, but day by day, we can usually make progress towards something that will often surprise us.

  3. Anonymous

    Love you Hollye. You have showed me how to love an animal. I will be your friend through think and thin and will be there no matter what happens.

  4. Georgie

    I may be a million miles away, but my support and love are right there with you!! Your strength inspires me every day…..thank you for sharing your life!!! oxoxoxo


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