All Because of a Little Dog Named Stitch

Written by Hollye Dexter

This is why we fight.

Over the past two years of this insane trial, I have spent a lot of time asking WHY? We are good people who only wanted to give an abandoned dog a good home. Why all this insanity?

I prayed and prayed for help. And what I got instead was more drama.
But lately I’ve realized something.
When I prayed for help, I was given opportunities to help myself. When I prayed for courage, I got opportunities to be courageous. When I prayed for the money to get through this, I was given opportunities to be valuable and work hard. I  got to see how charitable and loving people can be. Complete strangers have financed a good portion of this lawsuit.
Through all of this trial, and believe me, it’s been a trial on every level, I’ve been given the gift of courage. Courage is a muscle that only becomes strong with use. Just like a workout at the gym, no one can give you strength. It only comes from working that muscle and working it hard.
Some people don’t understand why we’ve turned our life upside down and gone into financial crisis over a little dog, and that’s okay. They’ve not walked in our shoes, and I’m sure it’s hard to understand. But sometimes in life you’re given a chance to fight for something you believe in. It never comes at an opportune time, but when it comes, you get to see what you’re made of.
Troy and I are being made into something more than we were when we started this fight.
We are braver, stronger, and have more faith in people. We may have lost some money in the past few years, but what we gained is something that can never be taken from us.
And all because of a little dog named Stitch.

For the background story, newspaper articles, the petition and more, see SaveStitch

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  1. Anonymous

    I have followed this and am glad you are happy realizing the fight/courage within you. One day this will be over and Stitch will stay without impending doom of being taken away.

  2. Georgie

    Ditto what Madge said…….and might I add how very proud and honored I am to know you and to have spent time with you and your family….and, of course, that amazing honey of a doggie….Stitch!!!

  3. Denise

    It's funny to see how much your son has grown in the pics from the start of this whole mess to today! Even Stitch looks older…BOL! Thanks for all the updates, and hugs and snugs are sent your way!

  4. Anonymous

    On this Thanksgiving, I am Thankful, you are still getting to fight this battle, for this wee little pooch, that has stolen all hearts. I have followed this story for a long while, myself. It is amazing isn't it, what love for a pet will encourage us to do. You have been brave, your family has endured stress, that most of us will never go through. He is worth every bit. The joy he brings to your lives is immeasurable! I wish your entire family a Happy Thanksgiving, May God Bless, the ending to this drama once and for all., and Stitch, do not eat to much turkey bird.. Noreen, the Wonder Dog lover

  5. Anonymous

    By the way, this was a beautiful note you wrote to us. : )

  6. Vicki. (Wilsons brokenhearted Mom)

    The laws need to be changed…yes our dogs are our personal property, but they are also our companions, with an emotional bond sometimes deeper than with our fellow humans….
    On November 1st, our precious Wilson (a little mini wire dachshund) while minding his own business in his own fenced yard in Stockbridge, GA, he was savagely attacked and killed by our neighbors two dogs (Lab & Lab mix). They gained access by breaking through the wood fence adjacent to his tiny safe enclosed yard. The necropsy concluded he was killed, mauled and mutilated by these vicious beasts. He had been out playing for no more than 10 minutes. There is no way to express the tremendous grief our family is experiencing. There is no way to make sense of the senseless. We are devastated.
    As of the date of this publishing, the dogs are still living next door, running along the same fence they broke through just 3 wks ago, no apologies have been forthcoming. Unfortunately, Georgia (& most states) law only recognizes our family pets as personal property, nothing more than the lamp on our table. Yet almost everyone, including those who do not have pets, would agree our pets are literally a member of the family, and engender far more emotional ties than a lampshade or credenza…a bond that survives even after they pass from this world. As the law stands now the owner of the offending dogs will go before a magistrate court (12/1), receive a slap on the wrist, and move on with life as usual. Meanwhile, our lives have been turned upside down and inside out. Wilson’s was a wrongful death, the laws need to be changed to reflect this. Not just state by state or county by county, they need to be NATIONWIDE….
    If you know of any way, or know of anyone, to help us pursue justice in this, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. In the very near future a fund will be set up for Wilsons Law..He will make a difference, Wilson will not have died in Vain…. our wish for him.. to help all other defenseless animals that our laws do NOT protect.
    PLEASE VISIT Wilsons Law on FB
    with any suggestions you may have.
    And PLEASE forward this to other lists, groups, people…anyone who may have any ideas, thoughts, contacts, prayers……
    thank you
    Vicki & Mike & Ben Youngquist, Wilsons brokenhearted family …. (SE AKC dog show vendor family)

    IN MEMORIUM…WILSON (aka "the Wilson-ator") 1/1/11 – 11/1/11
    Hard times. Our precious Wilson was savagely attacked and killed by our neighbors dogs November 1st, 10 months to the day after he entered this world. Oh, the joy he brought us, & everyone who met him.

    **many thx to the owners of this pg for allowing us to post our plea**

  7. Debra DeAngelo

    Stichy's story needs to get onto Nightline or the Today Show… something! You need a gush of support!!!! Hang in there, Hollye!


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