I’ve just completed a week-long Negativity-cleanse, in which I tuned out the news, didn’t watch any negative TV (no cable news or politics), didn’t listen to news on the radio.
All week I read positive, uplifting books and listened to music. I did yoga four times this week, kept my mind in a healthy place, ate healthy foods (no junk!) and didn’t participate in negative conversations. I slipped a few times, especially in the area of inner conversations in my own head. This was a great opportunity for me to see where I create my own negativity. But, I didn’t let it get me down. Each time I faltered, I got back on the horse and read my Dalai Lama book. I started every day by writing what I was grateful for, and then read several “good news stories” for inspiration. I took my laptop and worked outside in my yard, under the trees, rather than being hunched over a desk. I listened to music that inspired and uplifted me.
And I felt great!
This week, I felt at peace with everyone around me. I was more patient, even when Evan got squirelly. I slept sound every night. I felt happy, peaceful, centered.
I’ve decided I’m going to continue the negativity-fast. I know I can’t block out all news, but I don’t really need to know most of what the media blasts at me. I plan to be selective as to what I let inside my head. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to know any more about Jerry Sandusky or Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I would rather read about new galaxies being discovered in the universe, cures being found for illnesses, people reaching out to help each other.
An interesting side note this week: since I started blogging about ridding negativity from my life, my blog readership dropped by about 70%. When I look at my blog statistics, my most popular blogs of all time are about the Northridge earthquake, my miscarriage, losing my trial, my grandson being taken to Japan, and posts about friends who have passed away. My many blog posts about miracles, lessons learned in crisis, finding hope in the darkness, etc…are the least popular. Hmmmm…
This may further prove my theory that we, as a society, are in fact addicted to negativity.
As with any kind of addiction, the first step is recognizing that we have a problem.
Here is some good news to help break the cycle: http://www.good.is/
Good news all over the world: http://www.goodworldnews.org/
Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Donald Sanders

    I have been working on this as well. Thanks to the people in this town I spend my time at the nature park watering trees and caring for them, weeding and such. This has been a great comfort to me but only when I'm awake. It would be nice for me if I could, when I'm asleep, dream about what I do when I'm awake. Does that make sense? Oh, know that the things that you say and write about are a comfort to me as well.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    I love knowing that it is a comfort to you, Donald. I know you have some nightmares from the past, and although I can't say I understand, I do empathize, having lived through my own nightmares. I've had to work extra hard at bringing "light" into my life, and it is a daily practice. The more I bring it in during the day, the easier the nights become.

    Sending love and light to you…

  3. Judy N

    A really interesting piece, Hollye. And it gave me ideas. I've been doing a watered down version of this on Saturdays and on vacations. I especially don't read the news, don't work (I am addicted to work), and just try to enjoy the garden (if at home) or eating fish,etc (if in Norway.) Having read your column, I see I can add to this. I could read more uplifting books, pay more attention to more thoughts, remember to be grateful. I'm going to try this on our upcoming trip to Santa Fe. Have been meaning to resume yoga. Maybe this will give me a push. Thank you Hollye, as always.

  4. Hollye Dexter

    I'm so glad it gave you some ideas Judy, although I think of you as a positive person anyhow.
    I have to constantly remind myself of these things. Very easy to fall off the proverbial horse. The good news is we can always hop back on! (Which is what I'm working on today…)
    Let me know how yours goes.

  5. amy ferris

    i am so deeply trying to do a negativity cleanse. i find myself having great amazing joyful positive everything & anything is possible moments, and then i find myself (equally, no doubt) going to the dark negative place. thanks for writing this, for doing this… for being an inspiring, honest leader.

  6. Hollye Dexter

    Me too Amy! I'm stumbling and bumbling…but I keep bringing myself back to it. At least we're trying …


  7. Cathy

    Hollye, this is so lovely, and loving. It's much like how I am "staying positive" about my death and dying. I'm the happiest I've ever been.
    I'm happy for you, being on the path, already feeling that the path is part of the "reward."

  8. Hollye Dexter

    Your happiness in the face of ALS is a source of constant inspiration to me. You are my she-ro.


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